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My screen is tick off with videos and games

Hello, I have an HP computer with AMD Ryzen 5 2500U processor and Radeon Vega 8 graphics. Since I bought the computer I have presented problems with videos on YouTube and with desktop players such as VLC (on Windows), some games also have problems but in general the reproduction with applications and games is better than YouTube videos, a day ago I did not have much problem with the video, Youtube videos completely flashes the browser tab (Chrome), it is black.

A day ago there was a new update in Windows 10 and this could be giving me problems, but since I bought the computer has been presented graphic problems.

In addition to that pair of tasks the computer is usually great and does not present major problems in other activities in the browser or other programs.

I would like that they give me some advice that does not imply to take to guarantee the computer.

I already tried:

  • Update the drivers
  • Manipulate the Radeon configuration
  • Search for help in other forums (I have not got help ...)


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