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Journeyman III

My rx580 has lowered its performance

My rx580 a few days ago I always went to 300 fps in fortnite for example, I was optimizing Windows, restart the pc and suddenly it did not go above 100fps. My pc only works with graphics since my processor is the Ryzen 5 1600 af, which does not have integrated graphics. Temperatures when playing used to be normal. Restart Windows from scratch to see if you configure something but no, it was still the same, I downloaded the newest drivers that can and nothing. I need help.

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Test with a benchmark additionally, maybe is the game. If you get high score in a benchmark, then it is not the gpu. Maybe you hard disk, or files of the game. Good luck


You say this happened after "Optimizing Windows". I have no idea what changes you made. I wold suggest if you can undoing what you did maybe one at a time and see if that helps.

You can watch your task manager too to see if any specific task looks to have high cpu or gpu utilization and stop that process to see if it helps the situation. 

Good Luck!