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Journeyman III

My RX 6750 XT is having huge fps stutters and lags and it sometimes turns itself off

i am devastated rn i bought this thing a month ago and it has been working not so good. but today it just randomly shut my pc down. i tried rebooting it and tried reinstalling every driver. i correctly installed them all and it seemed to work but my fps where struggling even more than before. i am desperate for help bc i cant give it back. heres my pc specs:
GPU: RX 6750 XT
CPU: intel core i7 10700
RAM: 16 gigs ddr4 3200 MHz
fps in game
before: 160 fps every setting turned off graphics on ultra low (1440p)
after: 40-80 fps still on ultra low setttings
expected fps from yt videos: 240-200 fps 1440p (Thats what they had with the same settings)
Keep in mind that i have an 34 inch wide monitor 1440p

I am so desperate please PLEASE can somebody help me i am geniuenly at my limits. I am so sad and devastated
(Ive also tred the adrenaline and the pro edition and i still see no difference)


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