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Journeyman III

My Radeon RX 480 Card Caught Fire Today at System Power On

Not sure where to take this one. 

I did not find a path on the contact AMD page.

This afternoon we turned on our CyberPower PC and the AMD made Radeon RX480 card literally caught fire. 

Yes as in flames coming from the card.

The card is the original card in the system and it has never been touched.

I have bought many systems, many graphics cards.  I stopped building them a long while back when I got busy with work and kids and it got cheaper and better in general to buy them pre tested and assembled.

In all those decades I have never had a PC add in graphics or other card Catch On FIRE.

Fortunately we had a case with a see through side and could see the flames in addition to smelling the burning plastic smell.

It could have been worse it could have burned my house down.

Would attach pictures if I could but not seeing where to do that.

Has anyone else seen this happen?

How do I notify AMD of the issue?

If it happened to me it could happen to someone else.


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Sounds like you had a hard short on the GPU card that got hot enough to catch on fire.

It didn't trip the PSU and shut down the PC?

An insect could have shorted your GPU card out. An ant or small roach as an example.

Possibly a electronic component failed and shorted out on the GPU card.

Either way you are correct it could have been a very dangerous situation. But I believe the computer case, unless it was made of plastic, would have contained the fire inside the PC. Eventually it would have shorted out the PSU which would have turned off all power to the PC.

I haven't heard of any AMD GPU bursting into flames so yours could have been just a fluke of nature. But still maybe AMD would be interested in seeing what actually cause your GPU to burst into flames literally.

If you want to add images to your reply just click on the "Camera" Icon on the top Taskbar. Then select the image from your PC and click on open. That will embed the image in your reply.

NOTE: I also purchased a inexpensive Cyberpower PC for my wife. After about 4 or 5 year the PSU failed and I needed to replace the PSU with a more powerful better PSU. I also upgrade the CPU and added more RAM to the PC.

If you want to contact AMD SUPPORT open a ticket from here :