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Journeyman III

My new 6600XT Suddenly stopped working

I bought my 6600XT about 1 month ago. For 20 days it worked fine, but one day the computer crashed, and when I tried to restart it, It never succeeded, and the mother beep code indicated "no VGA Detected".
I could never get the mother to detect the graphic card again.
Initially I thought it was the mother, but I have tested the mother + micro + memory with other GPUs and it works perfect.
I have tested my PowerColor 6600XT GPU on other motherboards and different things happen, but always with video(HW) errors. I describe 3 examples below:
1- I tried another PC with another GPU that was working OK. I swapped the GPU by putting my 6600XT, and despite the fact that it detected the GPU6600XT, the operating system hangs "starting Windows" and never manages to start the OS.
2- I tried a third PC with another GPU that was working OK, I swapped the GPU by putting my 6600XT, and it seemed to work fine for the first few minutes, until I demanded the GPU. After a few minutes the PC crashed. After rebooting The RAEDON software threw me 2 errors: First: "AMDRSServ.exe No entry point found". After several minutes a new error appears "RaedonSoftware- Failed to create OpenGL for format. ........ ") (Im attaching both error msgs)
3- Finally I tried with my Original PC (The one that I used for the first 15 days with the 6600XT working well). In this case I put another GPU as main, and add my 6600XT as secondary. The mother detected video (From my old nvidia GPU) and the OS started OK. Then I entered the RAEDON software and saw that it had detected my 6600XT GPU. But after 1 hour the raedon's soft threw me the same error mentioned in point 2-

I really don't know what to do and I'm desperate. I need the GPUs to work. Can anybody help me?raedon.jpg
Thanks in advance

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If you purchased the GPU card from AMD Store I suggest you open a Warranty Request to have it RMAed to be checked from here:

BUT if this is a 3rd party GPU card like Sapphire or MSI or Asus or Gigabyte etc then you need to open a Warranty ticket from the GPU card's manufacturer Support.

Since you install the GPU card in another computer and has various video problems each time indicates your GPU is defective.

NOTE: that error that you posted concerns the GPU driver. Also having Nvidia and AMD drivers in the same Windows OS can cause conflicts or issues with each driver.


Hey thanks 4 replying.

even though The error msg informs a driver conflict, I think that there is a HW problem, so the driver suddenly stops recognizing the HW as it should, and then the RAEDON app infoms that there is an error cause the HW that had been properly recognized minutes before is now not being recognized anymore.