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Journeyman III

My AMD RX 480 8GB causes crashes when I want to play games.

I bought an AMD RX 480 8GB and installed every driver that was needed. I checked if the card is real and every program (for example gpu z) says that its a real rx 480. But everytime I want to play a game, it takes a few seconds and then everything shuts down. The coolers start spinning very fast and the screen is only black. The only thing i can do now is to restart my PC. My power adapter has 600 Watts, so I dont think this is the reason for everything. Can someone solve my problem? Any hints?? I need help!

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Journeyman III

i also have an rx 480 with the same problem , i tried a lot of things like , updating windows , reinstalling windows , older - newer drivers ,  i have changed my 600 w pcu to a 700 w pcu (100 euros out the window) , cleaning the whole pc   with air , and so on and so on........ the only thing helps me to play games : change  the power target or maximum power usage to -25%  thxamd.jpg

which means that the gpu will be 3/4 powerful but my fps in any game dropped to half so from bf 5 on ultra with no hickups and problems went to bf 5 on low with 20 fps 

and now  that i changed my pcu to a new  , and more powerfull one i see that i have to scrap my rx480 rest in pepperoni 

ps. every 3d game does this problem to the gpu , any,  also furmark too . thx amd ur the best :3


A few days I repaired my RX 480 and it's 100% working as it's supposed to work.

I took my card apart and I saw a lot of dirt. And in addition there wasn't any Thermal Paste on the GPU. I bought some and removed the dirt and now it's working.

My advise for you is to do the same! Now I know that many rx480 owners have the same problem with the thermal paste... Pls tell me if I could help you 

I second this  ^. Though I have rx 580.


Alright , ill try your suggestion , ill report back if anything happens


okay so apparently the heat paste was hard i dont think it supposed to be hard after 3 years but who knows , i cleaned it and re pasted it it looks like that was the problem . 

i dont know what kind of heat paste asus uses but yeah its not good if it just hardens after 3 years and refuses to transfer heat ...