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Journeyman III

My 5700XT crashes every time I run World of warships

As the title says, my newly bought gigabyte 5700XT crashes every time I run world of warships.

The pc is still running, I can Alt+tab from the game and continue using it normally for a couple of minutes, and then it totally resets.

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Journeyman III

World of warships worked for me with the 19.7.5 driver but crashed on everything else but after talking to wargaming, uninstalling the realtek sound driver helped partly and I had a lot less crashes.

With the 19.11.1 driver it now works but I dont know if I actually unchecked the hdmi driver during the install or not but it's now working without crashes. I did uncheck it on the 19.7.5 before installing the 19.11.1.

I hope this helps!