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Journeyman III

MSI RX 6600 Mech 2: AMDVB Flash "discrete GPU not installed" but working!

As in the headline: The screen turns on and the card works and drives 2 1080p screens. Works in both Windows 10, Ubuntu 22.04 and MacOS 12.6 Monterey, BUT: I can't get any version of AMDVB Flash / ATI FlashWIN to recognise it, hence unable to fix a forward issue that affects some Xeon machines.

What I have tried:

- Updated BIOS
- Updated drivers, both within Windows and separately.
- Tried different slot
- Every possible setting in BIOS (I believe)

- GA-Z77-DS3H logic board (f11a BIOS version)
- i7 3770k no overclock
- 32 GB Corsair RAM
- 500 GB Corsair SSD
- 750W modular Corsair PSU

Any clues welcome!!

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