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Journeyman III

Msi R9 380 4G issue with 144 Hz monitor and idle mode

Greetings. Not long time ago i bought new monitor Benq XL2430 with 144 Hz refreshrate, and found some issues with my gpu MSI R9 380 4G. When i choose 144 Hz in video card settings, memory refresh rate starts working on it's maximum. In idle my videocard should down to 300 MHz gpu and 150 Mhz memory, but if i have 144 Hz refresh rate it's working on 300/1425 and heats up to 60 C. Fans at this time periodically start working and stop after 10 sec. But if i choose 120 Hz refresh rate, it works as should on 300/150. I've tryed old Crimson and new Adrenalin drivers, and nothing helped. I even tryed all windows power modes, and has no result. Sorry for my bad english, but i hope you will help me with this issue. Thanks.

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Community Manager

That's expected, 144HZ requires more resources from your GPU and so it increases memory speed to avoid flickering or other issues. Thankfully icreasing the memory frequency has very little effect on power draw.

I also experience this behavior with my 390x.

I've seen this reply given in this forum for this question on multiple occassions, and it sounds just like a canned response.  And the part about not increasing power draw as it is only affecting the mem clock is not true.  GPU Voltage absolutely increases due to this as well.

This behavior does NOT occur @ 120Hz, and I sincerely doubt that the additional 24 Hz would require to run the card full throttle. From 150Mhz to 1500Mhz memory and from 891mv to 1.109V?? (See screenshots below)

If an additional power/clock state is needed for the higher refresh, I understand that, but this drastic of a jump should not be required in normal desktop use (not gaming).

ALSO, there are users that have shown screenshots of 144Hz with no additional upticks in memory speed or voltage.

When is this issue actually going to be addressed, or at least acknowledged as a real issue.