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Journeyman III

Msi Gaming X 5600 XT bricked


I bought my card 2nd hand and it was working perfect.

I was looking into how to modify the bios (I never actually changed it as far as i know ?)

Anyway - It was working when i turned my pc off.

Then when i tried to turn back on - nothing

Fans spin and lights up but no display.

I have tried using a riser and connecting to another pc and it isn't detected in device manager.

And if i check bios on startup and look at the motherboard it doesn't detect it either. 

There is fixes all of the the place i have seen but all require the card to be seen otherwise i can't change the bios etc.

I have seen the bridging pins suggestion also but i'm not sure which pins they are ? I take off the back cover and there isn't anything similar to pictures i have seen in tutorials.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance !

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Volunteer Moderator

Step 1: Try it in a different machine, as a secondary card. This will work 50% of the time. If this fails, go to Step 2.
Step 2: Jump the bios chip using a 1' piece of speaker wire, one end hot glued to the top left pin, and the other to the bottom left pin. Make sure you have the wires connected on the other end while booting. Open amdvbflash and do a amdvbflash -i. It will say status 'failed'. Close amdvbflash, disconnect the wire, open amdvbflash again and do amdvbflash -i and it will say 'passed'. Voila. Flash with stock bios and kick yourself for not making a checklist for bios flashing. If you don't have the stock bios, you can always get it at

It should be noted that with Navi cards like yours, even with -unlockrom, you will still brick your card unless you're using amdvbflash v3.04+. The + is very important. Make sure you have the right version. You can get it at