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Journeyman III

Mouse lags every 2 seconds

Hello, I recently reinstalled my old laptop and I wanted to update the graphic drivers. I downloaded the AUTO tool that AMD is so proud of and installed the latest drivers. After that, the mouse started lagging every 2 seconds. I wanted to roll back, but I could not (IDK why tho...) I used DDU to remove the drivers, but when I go to install the older ones, my pc "Can't open them" even though they are compatible. Please help, I am ripping my hair out already...


PS: I tried to install drivers from HP, but when I tried to open Radeon settings, the app said: "You don't have this app installed"...



- AMD A8-7410 (for laptops)  with R5 M330 graphics

-8GB Ram 


-(Latest windows installed)

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Journeyman III

I have the same problem man, i don't know how to fix it too...


Hey, I kinda fixed it. I spent way too long fixing it but I got there. I downloaded an OLD catalyst driver. Anything above 17.5.2 was lagging. And with Radeon drivers, the settings wouldn't even show up. I had 3 mental breakdowns TBH, But I got through it. It's working fine, But I'd rather have NEW drivers that WOULD support hardware made in 2017. Like HELLO AMD? Fix it up, please... I tried over 50 drivers and I was testing out all versions. Try the 17.5.2 and work from there. If it lags, move down (for me: 15.201.1101-150806a-187934c-HP)


Hope it helps...


How to download 17.5.2. ? I downloaded 17.5.2. but it cant find my graphics card... How to download the right driver for your graphics card??


Facing Same issue. Any way to get rid of it?