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Adept I

Mouse Corruption 5700XT


Is this a known issue?

Randomly maybe once or twice a week my mouse curser goes weird. Looks like a block shape and goes multi coloured. But only on left side of screen. If I move the cursor to the right side its fine again but back to left and its bugged again.

When this happens the start menu doesn't work properly either like the whole of the left side it bugged.

Reboot and its fine for a few days until it happens again.. 

Card seems fine in games apart from the odd black screen but a lot of people seem to be having that one.


***Actually I forgot to say I have seen this on 2 different 5700 XTs***

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Annotation 2019-10-04 202349.png
I think you should report the problem about the mouse to AMD.

You should also disable "turn off the display" and "fastboot" features for Windows. Also turn on VSR feature with Radeon Settings software. Resolution changes may cause such mouse problems. 
In addition, the cause of black screen errors is different. Share all your system features if you wish. 

Thanks for the reply. I will try your suggestions. 

Ryzen 2600

B450 asrock pro4 

16GB DDR4 3200

sapphire 5700XT

Windows 10 pro

MSI optix 144hz screen

Everything at stock, problem persists through multiple windows installations multiple drivers and on 2 different 5700 XTs.

Is the VSR the virtual super resolution?


Yes, it is. Try VSR. Mouse problems maybe decrease.


What is a PSU? Black screen errors generally occur when AMD display driver makes a hardware error. For this error, try decreasing core clock speed by 100Mhz and core voltage by 50mV with WattMan. If your PSU is not strong, try decreasing core power to -20%. Your black screen errors will reduce with these changes.


I'm using a Seasonic Focus Gold 750W.

If a lot of people are having these black screen errors then maybe AMD have over estimated the capability of these 5700 XTs? 

When you say hardware error do you think my card could be faulty?

Thanks again for taking the time offer advice .


If the graphics card was damaged, you would get it. Your PSU is fine. No need to change core power with WattMan.
I don't want to comment about GPU speeds. All I want to share is decreasing speed-voltage provides GPU stabilization.

Adept I

Confirm. I also have mouse pointer corruption. After this mouse is freezing during movement and screen may become black.