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Journeyman III

More issues with MSi 6950xt, and adrenaline. **bleep**??

Ok so of coarse i posted problems with my gpu the past week, i`ve posted how since i`ve had the card. like 6 months i have had it and day one adrenaline, it would have me re overclock or re undervolted ..anything involving clock volt memory got reset, even though all there menus and settings it would be normal, and it would always say my comp crashed..even though it never crashed. i turned off fastboot modded regedit..everything!!..nothing is stopping it. i mean even modded drivers. SO i still have`nt found a legit way to stop this, and idk why amd cant fix this, i mean its between years of outcry, its annoying to have reclock it, of coarse now i just import, but **bleep**. Last week i and a huge scare mi turn of RSR and my whole computer instantly turned off. and i have to unplug the cord and rest the bios t turn back on. NOW, guess what...i wanted to see what EYFINITY i clicked it, hated it and click discard...guess what it does now every time i restart now, my 4 screens are one and i can barely see anything its so zoomed it cuz eyefinty starts by ITSELF! i tried one time, **bleep** is goin on AMD, has anyone else had this..cuz no joke i just moved to team red..and if i don`t fix this soon..never again ...idc if it becomes the best card and best price to dollar ratio il never use these cards with not just a disconnect with there software development..but the blaten disregard for there customers concern. to them this is a software easy fix..**bleep** is goin with adrenaline over and over..?? HELP mE... p.s yes i type fast so i type upset..and to be honest hurt i spent hard earned money i did not even have at the time..for this headache everytime i restart...and everytime i restart it looks like  its 500 percent scaled up, and all screen have the same thing i.e... eyefinty, when i technically never even turned it on..i tried it it asked if i wanted to keep and i said no.THATS its on every restart..

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Hi, sorry that you going through such frustration. I can understand the way you had typed. Sorry if I ask repeated questions from others, because I didn't see this thread earlier. Can I know you PC specifications, with the monitor resolutions and refresh-rates?

Have you tried completely refreshing windows? updating motherboard BIOS? Meanwhile, you can perform a clean driver uninstall and reinstall the latest Adrenalin again. Because recent installations onto the existing drivers might have corrupted the files or settings.

Use the link be low to download the DDU and cleanup the drivers as instructed on the page.

Also have the driver downloaded as well to install once it's cleaned up. Use the link below and select Graphics, the Model and Windows version. Download the listed last stable version.

Lets see if we could see and fix your the problem you are having by gathering the facts.