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Adept I

Monitors turn off (no signal) with 6600XT


for about a month ago I get a Nitro+ 6600 GPU and anything works without any issue. Few days ago I start Tarkov and monitors just turn off "no signal". I reboot, play 1 min. and again "no signal". Need to power off and wait few seconds, than it works on desktop without any issue until I start a game or funmark. I format my system without internet and install Windows 10 again, install chipset, reboot, install 28.1.1, reboot, install and run funmark gpu stress test. After 1 or 2 or max. 6 min. Display turn off. 

No I get a XFC Merc 6600XT, brand new. Put it in and run GPU stress test over Funmark. After +2h anything works perfectly and than I turn off the stress mark (close the windoes with dounat) and few seconds later "Displayport no signal".

I have no idea whats the problem. Never got this before. I thought the Nitro+ is the problem or maybe the drivers (first I use old chipset and 28.1.1 and than 28.1.2) but after fresh install I install the old chipset from Februar 2021 and 28.1.1

Ryzen 3700X, MSI X470 Gaming Carbon Pro, 2x 16GB 3000CL15, 750W be quiet! Straight Power 11, 2x 500GB SSD, 4x HDD and 2x VG258QR over DP. Anything is stock, original cable and so on. Temps are good (Fuma 2 and 4x 120mm in Fractal R6).


Any idea whats the problem?


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Adept I

Hey, a lot of peoples have this problem, me to, but i have Rx 6800, for 8 months card work perfect, and a few days ago i get this problem, im tried everything, last time im instal very old drivers and play 2h, but problem come back again. Amd has a big problem now, we see what happen next, i think we need wait for new drivers.



first of all thx but it looks like you mean the problem with screen saver and Windows login (when Windows load the driver) but I already play 1 month without any issue. 

How you can get such a problem if you don't touch the drivers?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a "full noob" but also not a pro but this make no sense

I read on some boards they get this problems with 21.8.2 update but they talk about this problem, when Windows boot up/load the driver. I use Linux on first place and Windows only for gaming.




hehehe, me to, i don't change nothing, computer work perfect, and a few days this problem start, when i get crash I hear some sound from card, im use RMA, i don't buy graphic card like this to watch movie....


RMA means money back and no GPU anymore. I found something in a german board. On power supply I need to look for 12V3 and 12V4 Slot, for single GPU setup and don't use 21.8.2 driver. No it works for one day without any issue.

Journeyman III

I just updated my driver and got the same Issue, now all I have is a black screen and now I can't do anything so if anyone has a solution that would be great 


From which driver you switch?