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Adept I

Monitor's freeze but audio still plays

(I don't know if this is the right area for this) So... I'm having a roughly reoccurring problem. My monitors freeze (cursor, camera, everything) audio still plays perfectly (discord, Spotify, ambient audio in games I play). This issue started in December when I updated drivers to the current one at the time. happened like 2-4 times a day for 2-3 days. Then I reverted back to drivers in May (idk, that was what it reverted to). Not a single problem until recently. I realized I had windows on the wrong drive (SSD), so I reformatted to the right drive (M.2). Wiped everything. Did this around the beginning of February. Not a problem unt'ill around the middle of March. Then it popped up again and happened at least once a day. I did everything I could with some help of knowledgeable buddies. I rolled back to several different drivers using DDU in safe mode every time. New ram (I had 3000MHZ, upgraded to 3600mhz). Resetting everything. Cleaning it out. New thermal pastes. Everything. Then I reformatted everything again. Like completely wiped each drive. The problem seemed to go away for about a week or 2. Then it started up again. Happened for 1-3 days. I bought a new heat sink for my CPU because I had the old one for 5+ years. Figured it's probably time to upgrade. Thought I would get better temps. Which I did, a couple of degree's. then a week or 2 pass no problem. Then it started back up again. Been 3 days of it happening. Could be an hour after I booted my computer up, or 7 hours after. Just completely random. No signs show what happening. No error in event reporter. No thermal throttling. No unsual spikes anywhere. Nothing to show at all what the problem is. I'm at wits end trying to figure it out. I figured I would post it here assuming maybe someone else has been through it and might shed some light.


My Specs: 

6800 GPU

5900X CPU

Veetro V5 Cooler

32gb DDR4 3600hz

Arous b450 pro wifi rev

1tb M.2

500gb HDD (It just holds my video's for stream)

750W PSU 80 Plus Gold

Thermaltake P3 Case

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Adept III

Sounds alot like what I been experiencing, first thing that helped was Disabling ULPS, after which so far only drivers that are stable on my hardware is using bios, chipset drivers amd_chipset_software_4.08.09.2337, and video whql-amd-software-adrenalin-edition-22.11.2-win10-win11-dec8. Anytime I test anything newer I get display freezing driver recover error have to manual shutdown and windows is disabling the graphics driver.

Ryzen 5900X PBO/OC, Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite F37 bios, Arctic Freezer II 420 AIO, Fans: 3x140mm 2x120mm, 24 GB G.Skill DDR4-3600 18-20-20-40 1T, CM MWE V2 1050w, Gigabyte G32QC A 1440p, PowerColor RedDevil RX 6950XT OC.
Adept I

Thing is... I get zero errors. No signs any problem has happened, other then it freezing for me and I have to manually restart my computer. 

Adept I

Also... I can't manually reproduce it. It just RANDOMLY happens... some days it wont... some days it will.