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Journeyman III

Monitor not detected

I just installed my new 6750 and it wont detect my second monitor, what can I do?

I have one cable plugged into my HDMI and the other is in the DVI with an adapter.


All my drivers are current.

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Always best to give full PC specs, PSU. Motherboard, what monitors etc

A lot of times those can have a big impact on the issue.. eg a lot current gen issues have been around people using to weak a power supply.

My first thought here would be to the dvi adapter. 

But have you checked/tried

  • If  windows is picking them up at all, ie go to detect monitor
  • Connected each monitor to the GPU by themselves to test. Are both working alone or is it just one?
  • Have you tested all the ports just to confirm its not a faulty port issue
  • Tried another cable/adapter



its only picking up the monitor that is HDMI and the other uses a display port to hdmi and its not picking it up

Adept I

Have the same issue with a RX 5600 XT and a Cintig from wacom. IF the cintig is not powered when the computer boots, or by any means any other monitor, the GC goes not "turn on" the output when I power up tthe monitor quite anoyign because I do not want my cintiq to to be on power standy for days for nothing