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Adept I

Monitor HZ problem.

So i recently bought a 144hz monitor and, it's stuck at 120hz i tried everything but it s not working, even in the amd application, can i get some help pleaseeee, does somebody know how to fix this?

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It is almost impossible to give any suggestion with the vague question your posted.

First what is your computer setup information.

Second how is your Monitor connected (Motherboard or GPU card) and with what type of cable or adapter?

Third what Windows version you have installed and which AMD Driver you have installed?

Adept I

Thank you for trying to help me, and sorry for my vaque question but i was kinda in a hurry, anyway.

So, my computer setup information are: Intel Core I3-3220 Processor, 3,30 Ghz, 8 gb of ram, AMD Radeo R9 290X 4GB , and that's everything that i know.

 Ok, i don't know exactly at what am connected but i think am connected at the GPU card, and my type of cable is HDMI, one of my friends sad that i should put the Display Port, but it doesen't work, and i don't know if it s the HDMI older version or like younger version because the hdmi cable it's kinda old like 2  years i think.


And i have an Windows 10 Pro. and with the drivers i am up to date, the driver version is 20.2.2, on AMD Radeon Software.


  • For 1920x1080@144Hz you would need HDMI 1.3
  • For 2560x1440@144Hz you would need HDMI 2.0
  • For 3840x2160@144Hz you would need HDMI 2.1

I tried th HDMI 1.3 and it's still not showing me that i can get 120 HZ.


What is your monitor? Make and model?

Monitor LED Lenovo Gaming Legion Y25f-10 24.5 inch 1ms FreeSync 144Hz, this is my monitor.


You need to answer FSADOUGH question first, what is the Make & Model of the monitor or TV you have connected?


All the information about my monitor are 

Monitor LED Lenovo Gaming Legion Y25f-10 24.5 inch 1ms FreeSync 144Hz, it comes with a display port, and a hdmi 1.3.

I don't see any info on the manual regarding 144Hz limitations, do your monitor should support 144Hz by default. However there is driver for the monitor. Have you installed it?

monitors and projectors :: lcd monitors :: lenovo legion y25f 10 - US 

  • Are you using a custom built system? What is your motherboard or System-Info?
  • You said, you think you are connected at the GPU card. Can you verify that?
Adept I

Ok guys, thank you for your time trying to help me, i am grateful for that, but i finally solved it and now i have 144 hz, and the problem was at the display port in CPU, but i solved it and now everything works just fine, and i don't any frame skipping. Thank you again.