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MLAA Does NOT work on any RDNA based GPUs. Other Features may also have issues.

I have noticed some inconsistencies when moving from GCN4 (RX560X) to RDNA2, and RDNA3 (RX 6750 XT and RX 7700 S respectively). 

Here are the things I have noticed. 

 MLAA does not work on the RDNA Based GPUs but works fine on the GCN based card. This issue persists across driver versions and somehow gets ignored. 

Tesselation (Like what the GCN Geometry Engine, Terrasale Tesselators, or ATI TruForm) do is no longer present in many games but still works in *exclusive* scenarios. (such as apps designed to test tessellation or geometry performance.) This issue is also somewhat of a thing on GCN but is not an issue on Terrascale. (meaning possibly a firmware issue along with a hardware design issue)

LODs are rendered improperly (started noticing on my RDNA 3 card, RDNA 2 card also had this issue but slightly differently) the "Far" lod versions of objects and textures are being displayed too close to the camera and the LOD will change rapidly even if you are directly against and object and looking at it. (Possibly Caused by Hardware design) 

Geometry on some objects will ripple and wiggle around on the RDNA based cards, does not happen on the GCN or TerraScale Cards. 

Tesselation and Displacement (in exclusive scenarios like benchmarks and tests) Slows down the RDNA based GPUs siginficantly more than it does the GCN based GPUs. (Design issues caused by AMD getting rid of their deticated geometry engines instead of improving it)

All of these issues are hybrid issues that seem to only exist on RDNA based cards. 

Please fix. 

Cyberstorm64 of UNYU
Tessellation Enjoyer.
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