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Journeyman III

Missing Bios Part Number in AMD Settings

Missing Bios Part Number.png

I was wondering if anyone else had this issue where the bios part number is listed as unavailable ?

I apologize if this sounds like a silly oversight on my part aswell. But with my new 5700 xt in settings the power saving option and no fan below 60 c option which were present in settings on my RX 470 card aren't present either.

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The only thing you should be concerned about your GPU is the BIOS version and BIOS Date. Seems like the BIOS Part number is the part number for the GPU's BIOS Chip installed. 

Do you have the latest AMD Driver for your RX5700xt installed?

Here is the latest Driver from AMD Download page:  .

The latest is rated WHQL and not BETA or OPTIONAL.