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Journeyman III

Minecraft Not Using Dedicated Radeon GPU

Hello, I just wanna ask what's going on in minecraft, of all the games I play in this pc, only minecraft is not affected with "switchable graphics"

I set the "minecraftlauncher.exe" and "javaw.exe" into high performance in Switchable Graphics

it's the only apps running in "Current Applications" as well in "recent application" when I close the game.

The AMD Radeon Settings says, it's running using Radeon 500 Series (RX 550 4GB GDDR5)

but when I check the shaders option in optifine, it says its using AMD R7 Graphics which is my integrated..

I checked the FPS it's stuttering and its true that it's using AMD R7 Graphics instead of my dedicated GPU...

What should I do? I already put it in high performance through switchable graphics and also created its own profile..

I don't have problem running CSGO, DOTA 2, LoL, Paladins and Overwatch but damn why minecraft is the only one running on R7 Graphics?

Even though I change it into High Performance on Switchable Graphics.

System Specs:

OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)

Processor: AMD FX-9830P RADEON R7, 12 COMPUTE CORES 4C+8G 3.00GHz

RAM: 12GB DDR4 2400MHz


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check your BIOS and see if you can disable the integrated graphics


im using laptop.. i checked bios, theres no option for that


What is your exact MAKE & MODEL of your Laptop?

What version of AMD GPU drivers are you using in your laptop?

This older Thread from AMD Forum about Minecraft: When I play minecraft i cant use my amd radeon GPU .

This thread concerning a Asus Laptop with switchable Graphics and how to make the dGPU work for certain games: Asus X550iu switchable graphic problem [Solved] - Asus - Laptop General Discussion

EDIT:  While trying to help another User found this about how to configure Switchable Graphics in HP Laptops: HP Notebook PCs - Switchable Graphics on Notebooks Configured with Dual AMD GPUs | HP® Customer Supp... .

Copied this from above link:

This feature is working as intended. The intended behavior of the dual AMD GPU configuration will vary depending on the application:

  • DirectX 9 applications (such as Street Fighter IV) only use one graphics processor at a time, even though two graphics processors are available. When a discrete graphics processor is paired with an A4-series integrated graphics processor, then data is rendered by the discrete graphics processor. When a discrete graphics processor is paired with an A6/A8-series integrated graphics processor, then data is rendered by the integrated one because it performs better than the discrete in this scenario.
  • DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 applications use both graphics processors simultaneously to render data.
  • OpenGL applications use the integrated graphics processors only.

I read that Minecraft is considered to be a OpenGL application.

From HP Support also: HP Notebook PCs - Switchable Graphics on Notebooks Configured with Intel and ATI GPUs | HP® Customer...

I imagine that this would also apply to Non-HP laptops which is why I posted it here.


this is the full specs and laptop model

Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-41-F6T3) Laptop

CPU: AMD FX-Series FX-9830P 3 GHz; Quad-core


GPU: AMD Radeon RX 550 4GB GDDR5



There is a issue with games not saving game settings correctly, whats happening is your Game Profile get set and try to apply the profiles that you created for them, but the settings arnt going through.

Take a look at your game.exe again and check to see if your account (USER) under the security tab is set to Full permisions, laso will want All Apllications/Restricted Appplication/Admin and System.

Set Ownership from AdministratorsPC to you the user USERS of PC<what ever your pc is called> That is the real Defualt for games and apps  installed by the current logged in account.

Rename your PC to confirm my advise! you should change over to your control.



can you teach me how?


oh boy OK, your going to have to be comfortable with the application properties page, but ya should be easy enough.

This isn't your PC

s fault its something Microsoft messed up some times, then they fix it... anyways

Open Start Menu Windows Key on keyboard : Type Control Panel -- Press Enter.

Click System and Security -- Then Click System

Now use my picture as a guide to rename your PC, Name your PC in both places, example Home then Click the >>>Change PC Name BOX <<<

Description says (To rename this computer,click Change … )

Restart when it says to

Now locate your game on your Desktop, Right Click it , Open File Location,Repeat until it highlights your executable, Right click what it highlighted(The Highlighted Game is the were you would make a shortcut from to desktop) -<Click Properties-<Compatibility_Tab-< tick mark the-< Run as Admin box

Click-< Change the DPI Settings-< ( Set your DPI to Applications Controlled , the Top box Ticked, leave the Second box and options it has at the bottom ALONE or you will see one messed up DPI setting

…..Click Security Tab-<Click EDIT-< Setup your permissions to have full control for all accounts listed, should only be 3 , you will see more, ignore that they will eventually fix it we hope

Click APPLY to Save OK to Close, run your game as administrator by-<Right Clicking desktop Icon and clicking Run as Admin

Enjoy your new game


theres no security tab under "Change High DPI Settings" what should I do?


After you change the DPI you Click OK, then select Security Tab


After all that, your also going to want to Turn Off new Win10 Fuzzy DPI Fix they added to Display Settings, that's what the whole DPI Box is supposed to do, but you might want to make sure Fuzzy Fix is off


I cant find fuzzy fix


Now to fix Crossfire,

Did you Clean Install Windows-10 or did all these problem happen after the Build Upgrade from 1709 ?


oh god I have no idea..


Let me rephrase question -< Did you use windows update to get to build 1803, you can chack which build you have in Settings-< System Page-< at the bottom of that first page is ABOUT, click About and let us know what Version you have.

Here's FUZZY Fix now available Win10



its all off.. yet same prob


how are other games?

can you post a GPU-Z image?




Both your BIOS Version and UEFI checks are not being read. <<<Memory <<<

Like every other older notebook, the OS wont install your drivers unless your in Legacy mode OR you can get the hardware to read the info needed to install your drivers.

That UEFI box listed on GpuZ should be (check marked) UEFI to install your UEFI drivers. The OS installs as UEFI but your hardware only read Legacy Support.

If you disable SecureBoot and Reinstall Windows under Legacy Mode your drivers will be installed and your System Information will be changed to Legacy, you also will be slow and always see the Win10 Logo at boot/restart

Instead of your manufacture, something notebooks built for Win10 was never meant to do. Purchase your manufacture Recovery Software, and Upgrade to latest Windows-10 build from there

You find the BareMetal manufacture guidlines and rules HERE: to see for yourself that special disk images are created for Win10 Mobile and Desktops that are pre-built

Mobile Manufacturing and how-to's for Push-Button-Reset configs rules

Mobile manufacturing | Microsoft Docs

I was in the process of creating my own push button reset but had to stop because of certain reasons preventing that from ever being done, that to is listed in the docs.

Hope this helps/


other games like naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4 and realm royale are running 60fps smooth


does the tab on GPU-Z show the integrated GPU?


Just had a look, looks like you have to work around the new Application Grphics Control I pointed out in the pic above. I set it to Default, although its listing the APU as Primary because notebooks are set to ULPS to save power until Full Screen you wont see crossfire, so seting crossfire to the application as the Default worked for me,

Here Is my test of UR doing about 300fps on the bench, and your APU should do better and im not even using a Gaming Edition that's fully unlocked, so


These APU's will run BF2 at 50-60 FPS by themselves not to much to worry here. Its working you just can use a tool to read the hardware … Yet but there will be.


Community Manager

That's expected behaviour as the discrete GPU in your system is headless (it has no display connections) so the game will not be able to detect it and will think it's using the integrated GPU. If Radeon Settings says it's using the high performance GPU, then you don't need to worry as the discrete GPU is used for rendering.


amdmatt wrote:

That's expected behaviour as the discrete GPU in your system is headless (it has no display connections) so the game will not be able to detect it and will think it's using the integrated GPU. If Radeon Settings says it's using the high performance GPU, then you don't need to worry as the discrete GPU is used for rendering.

do you have any idea how much trouble it is for a game engine to figure out?

so much for the days with one GPU to work with, and possibly 2 cards in CFX/SLI for alternate frame rendering

DX12 with explicit multiple GPU makes an engine design a lot more complex and games with DX12 are still very scarce because of it


Installed and ran a game i know would work, and Crossfire is working as intended on notebooks, well are APU's at least i have the 8800p your the 9800p <<<<

Install your notebooks manufactures Radeon and set the controls how i did, problem solved(imo)

Tools in right hand corner prove it is working Yo



This is mobil we are talking about right?

I pulled up the 9830p and its listed in all 3 categories mobile/desktop and custom. 1 mini-Itx last I looked and its way custom order with tons of tax to boot, but I thought you had listed your hardware, but you didn't say which it is...

Sorry for confusion, but if I can get mobile to work you should had no trouble getting your drivers installed, if not burning a unblocked ISO over to disk and dropping the iso to a  handler and bypassing any checks that might happen.

You wont have to waste disks for that, you can create a custom folder for driver ISO's as well.

Journeyman III

Minecraft is OpenGL and OpenGL using CPU then GPU and cannot be changed to dedicated card