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Adept I

Mac mini - RX 590, Asus XG-STATION-PRO, Philips Brilliance 349P7FUBEB monitor, Freesync?

Hi there,

I have a Mac mini 2018 and have ordered the Saphire RX 590 Nitro+ special edition in combination with the Asus XG-STATION-PRO eGPU dock. I cross my fingers, but reckon the combination will be a very nice setup. I hope to receive the graphics card and Asus dock next week.

Today I looked for a nice UWQHD monitor to complement this very nice setup and found on the net the Philips Brilliance 349P7FUBEB.

I looked at the specs and downloaded the manual. The word "FreeSync" is not mentioned anywhere. The words AMD adaptive synch are and reference is made in the manual to AMD R7 and R9 graphics cards which are compatible.

I wonder why the manual does not mention other AMD graphic cards? Do you think FreeSync will work flawlessly ?

I read somewhere that adaptive sync and FreeSync are the same thing, but would like to double-check with you guys and girls.

Looking forward to read your expertise on this.

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Adept I

My system is now running with the AMD 590 and the Philips 349P monitor without having to adjust anything. Not sure however if FreeSynch is activated, but I suppose so.Schermafbeelding 2019-02-10 om 14.00.19.pngIMG_1979.jpgIMG_1977.jpg


If it doesn't say freesync then no it is not free sycn. I also can't reccomend Philips monitors as I had 2 of them in the last year and a half both died in just over a year. They would not stand behind there warranty either. If you buy one get a retail extended warranty to be safe or IMHO stay far away and go with another brand. Both monitor also never slept properly always turning on and off when idle. My new monitors work fine.  Both were even cheaper and work better made by Acer. For a cheap brand I never have issues with their monitors. I have probably bought 100 of these at work now to replace older crt's and early flat models and not had any Acer go bad yet. Don't get me wrong I know their are plenty of nicer models out there,  but bang for the buck is great on these and they are reliable. 

If you are on a mac i am guessing color is pobably important to you? The mac monitors are all IPS monitors for this reason. I am not running a 4k monitor as you need too much graphics card power to utilize it. That is why I am still 1440p. My Acer looks great on my mac and my mac mini. My model I got from Micro Center is not an ultra wide but is a curved 1440p 32", I will link too if you are interested. The color on it is pretty decent and it does do 10bit color all for 200 bucks:

Acer ET322QR wmiix 31.5" Full HD 75Hz VGA - Micro Center