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Journeyman III

Low performance rx 5600 xt since October

Hello people,

New guy on this forum here. I have a problem, my RX 5600 XT used to run games like butter since I bought it in April. 

However, since October time, many of my games are severely affected by low FPS and massive stuttering.


My COD:MW used to run at like 100+ FPS but as now it is only hitting <60 fps with massive dip in fps in gun fights. Mordhau also used to run like butter on high before, but now it barely even reaching 45 - 50 fps.

Was it the driver update or did something go wrong with my PC here?

My spec (I only built this PC in April):

-Ryzen 5 3600

-16gig RAM (3200MHz)

-Radeon RX5600 XT (6gig)

-Game is in SSD.

-Checked thermal and it seems fine with 50-60 degree Celsius underload.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Adept I

U can fix it?, What's your Motherboard? i have see this problem ocurr with B450 Motherboards. 

I have the same problem. from Sapphire respond me this:

1. Update the latest MB BIOS and then go to MB BIOS setting page to set the CSM as disable or UEFI mode.
2. Within MB BIOS setting page , please set PCIE speed to Gen3 instead of AUTO if your MB does not support Gen4.
3. Format and select GPT instead of MBR to install a pure Windows 10 X64.
4. Use windows update to get Windows 10 X64 ver : 2004 or above
5. Download the install Catalyst 20.9.1 Optional -
6. Un-check ' Turn on fast startup'
7. Add Power Limit within CCC to +20%. (this is on the amd driver)
Sorry for my bad english