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Journeyman III

Low gpu utilization/low framerate in game

I have a rx580 8gb ram.  It benches like 45000 on geekbench 5 on my system.  

I have two much older systems that bench about 30000 but they get much higher framerate in games, much higher overhead when uncapped.  They both usually pull about 500 fps on average in the game I play using gtx980's and maximize performance in the driver set.  Both these systems did actually do similar things to this without the maximize performance check in the 3d section of the setting on nvidia however, but once that was checked the framerate skyrocketed.

My rx580 with much higher specs usually gets around 170 fps playing the same game, I've tried tons of different settings, been working on this for several days, watched tons of vids, tons of tutorials, tons of forums...nothing I can find explains why my framerate is so low with a much better system, and the gpu at most has about 20% utilization, it's not like it's overworked for the framerates its giving.  

i tried to adjust the performance made the max the min and such, tried to limit the framerate to 300fps with that one option, it still drops to 170-200fps....something just doesnt make any sense.

is this just a simple matter of nvidia being a better gaming performance company that allows max framerates and actual overhead, and actually utilizing the graphics to the fullest extend and radeon just not caring or what?  Maybe I just wont buy a radeon ever again if I cant fix this issue.

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