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Journeyman III

Low gpu usage on my 6800xt while playing DayZ (in big cities and populated spaces)

On the other games that I've been playing gpu usage hasn't been a big issue except for dayz and arma 3 (not so bad on arma), 

When I'm playing DayZ and running through the woodlands and forests my gpu usage is high at 99% and I'm running around 180-240fps solid which is good but whenever I enter or even look at a big city/town or a highly populated place my gpu usage drops from 99% down to around 30-60% this leads to performance dropping with my fps being around 30-60, if anything I would think the gpu would be utilised less in places that dont need it AS much such as the woodlands and less populated places and would be utilised alot more in big cities and towns. Other than this problem the gpu is excellent, It is just very frustrating because dayz is one of the main games that I play and with the price of the gpu I wouldn't have expected this problem.

I have reinstalled windows, drivers, the game, changed graphics, everything and still no change

My specs:  AMD Ryzen 9 5900X,  32.0 GB DDR4 Vengence ram,  6800xt Latest driver version installed (22.11.2) , 2 One TB SSD, Windows 11..... Temps are fine on both cpu and gpu.

Here is a video on Youtube of someone benchmarking dayz with the same gpu and cpu as me and they are experiencing the same issue as me: (4367) DayZ Ryzen 5900x/RX6800 Performance! - YouTube

If anyone could please help me with this issue it would be much appreciated, Thanks.

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Adept I

im running a similar system with almost identical symptoms. 5600x with noctua NHD15 cooler (almost never over 50C under load), 32gb 3600 speed ram from the QVL for my x570 TUF plus, all samsung 970 plus m.2 storage, seasonic focus 850 psu (850 continuous, not 850 peak), and xfx 319 6800xt. when i look at a town my usage drops by 30-40% and my fps goes from 144hz capped to 60-ish. ive tried multiple drivers, tried with and without the adrenaline software installed (driver only on the others), fresh install of windows. my previous card, a gtx1080 would run at a steady 90-100% no matter what. id rather see lower average fps than fps drops of 60-70%

I have tried the exact same as you, I reinstalled drivers multiple times and a fresh windows install, I have switched my gpu to a different pcie slot on my mboard, I took CMOS battery out and still nothing resolved, I'm wondering now if its the game and not the card because I don't seem to have the problem on other games, here is a link of someone benchmarking dayz with similar specs and has the same problem, the game doesn't use the gpu fully (201) DayZ Ryzen 5900x/RX6800 Performance! - YouTube