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Journeyman III

Low GPU usage in valorant

So basically, when in game, my GPU usage is really random. When playing valorant, sometimes it sits around 50% and i get about 600fps (in the range), and sometimes it cranks up from 80 to 90% where i can get 900fps and more. I woulnd'd mind those fps if i had them in competetive game, but when playing normally when i get 200fps when the gpu is at those 50% and the game has ton of utilities used at one moment the fps drops down to 100, when my gpu is at 90% then it would've only dropped down from like 400-300 to around 200fps which is acceptable. 

So my question is, why it happens that my gpu is sometimes pushing to 90% of usage and sometimes only to 50%.

GPU rx 6800 sapphire pulse 16g
CPU 5 5600X
RAM 32GB 3200mhz
PSU 700W 

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Adept III

The GPU usage in games can vary based on several factors, including the game's graphics settings, the complexity of the scene being rendered, and other applications running in the background that are competing for GPU resources. In your case, it's possible that the GPU is being utilized more when the scene being rendered is more complex or when there are more in-game utilities being used. When the GPU usage is lower, it's likely that the scene being rendered is less complex or that fewer in-game utilities are being used.It's also possible that the game's graphics settings are causing the GPU usage to fluctuate. You may want to experiment with lowering or increasing the graphics settings to see if this affects GPU usage and FPS.

Another possible factor is the temperature of your GPU. If your GPU is running hot, it may throttle its performance to prevent overheating, which could explain the lower GPU usage and FPS. You may want to monitor the temperature of your GPU while gaming and ensure that it's within safe limits.

Overall, GPU usage can vary based on many different factors, and it's normal to see fluctuations in usage and FPS during gameplay. As long as your GPU is not overheating and your FPS is within an acceptable range, you shouldn't be too concerned.

Hope its helps you

Have a great day