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Journeyman III

Low fps Gigabyte RX 6800 XT Gaming OC

Hello AMD users 

Edit got only 60 fps locked on Fortnite, not on other games it is getting weirder


I got some problems with my new gigabyte RX 6800 xt card 

Like 1 hour ago I got like 250-300+ frames depending on the ingame settings on fortnite but a few minutes ago I wanted to play some games & I got like 60 fps in Fortnite

Pc specs 

Cpu - ryzen 9 3950x stock settings 

Cooling cpu - CORSAIR Cooling Hydro H100i Platinum

GPU - gigabyte rx 6800 xt stock settingss 

Ram - D432GB 3200-16 Veng. RGB PRO bk K2 COR

Motherboard GIGABYTE X570 aorus elite 

Power supply - be quiet! POWERZONE 1000W ATX23

What i checked/did to try to fix it 

  1. I got no free sync or any other sync on not on my monitor or my ingame settings or in the AMD software whatsoever 
  2. I turn on all settings ingame on ultra still the same **bleep** 
  3. uninstall drivers with the AMD uninstall driver program 
  4. download again the drivers try also the latest 21.2.1 same 60fps...
  5. did not change anything on my pc in the hour 

I hope somebody can help me because that's not why I pay 1200 euro -_-

2 Replies
Journeyman III

Hmmm. I would make sure you have a monitor connected in the graphics and not in the motherboard. Or try going to the search, write the graphics settings, browse and go to the program files - epic games - fortnite - fortnitegame - binaries - win64 and select everything with the fortnite logo. Then you give options and you give high performance. I don't know anymore, an expert would have to: D


Fortnite has an issue with the current "season" that they are aware of. I don't know if they will fix it. I can tell you another had this very issue and the OP had the same CPU. The OP went to a 5900X and the problem went away. Reason is it's a CPU bottleneck that you can't fix running a 3000 series CPU. Even a 5600X would most likely cure your issue. The 3950X was never considered a good gaming CPU, it's far more geared toward work type apps, AMD will tell you that. As the 5950X is much the same, better for work than play.

Now, you do say it was 250-300 FPS an hour ago, using that card and suddenly you're getting 60 FPS. So it's the Fornite bug and it's on their end whether it's the server capping FPS or dev's messing things up. I can assure you it's not the card per se. I have the non-XT version of your card and notice FPS is not so hot in CPU intensive games, Fornite would be one but I don't play it. Many. many complaints about Fortnite on multiple forums lately, even Nvidia.

"It worked before you broke it!"