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Journeyman III

List of GPU's that Support DDA in Server 2016 for GPU Pass Through in Hyper-V VM's

I'm going to lead off with the fact that I do not represent a corporate entity which means I don't have the means to purchase high-end cards specifically for this purpose.  This is purely for educational, proof of concept & testing purposes in a home lab environment.

As the topic suggests, I'm just looking for a list of GPUs that support Discrete Device Assignment (DDA) in Server 2016 so I can pass through GPU's (or vGPU's if the card supports it) to Hyper-V VMs running on a Dell PowerEdge R710 Gen II.

My objective is to:

  • locate some sort of datasheet with a[n exhaustive] list of cards
  • understand whether or not it's possible to know ahead of time which cards do or do not support DDA
  • understand which cards (outside of high-end cards like S7150 or S7150x2) support virtual GPU's
  • get firsthand accounts from others who have done this complete with gotcha's, lessons learned tips etc.

My biggest concern is stability: Although it's just for testing & labbing, I don't want to waste cycles jumping through a bunch of hoops to create something hackish that could result in the server BSOD'ing.

I've read some things online that suggest AMD doesn't currently do anything to artificially limit or otherwise nerf or prevent the use of it's cards in virtual environments.  Candidly, I appreciate that decision and I hope it stays.  But I'm reaching out to the community for some guidance and recommendations as I don't have the means to burn through various models (e.g.: Radeon HD 6950, Radeon HD 6450, Radeon 3870 FirePro W5000 etc) in trial & error.

Also, just to clarify further this is not about RemoteFX: If I'm understanding things correctly, RemoteFX would require RDS licensing and I just don't have the means for all that.  So DDA would allow me to add one or two inexpensive cards into a machine for use in VM's without having to spend a fortune on licensing.  I'm open to correction here as I'm not an exprt on the subject.

Thanks in advance!

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