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Journeyman III

Lenovo g470- radeon 6300M doesn't work on windows 10

I need help, Radeon 6300M doesn't work on windows 10,  only intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 works.My laptop is a Lenovo g470

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For the AMD Driver to work correctly all of your Intel drivers especially the VGA and CHIPSET Drivers must be the latest and updated first.

Plus  Windows 10 must be fully updated via Windows update.

After all of your Intel Drivers, Graphics and Chipset, are updated then you can download the last two AMD drivers for the 63xxM GPU card which isn't supported by AMD with driver updates anymore:

1- WQHL 2015

2-BETA 2016

But if Lenovo Support's own laptop AMD Driver is about the same year I would highly suggest you install those instead of AMD generic laptop driver which is basically like a basic VGA driver.

Lenovo's AMD driver is 100% compatible with your laptop.