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It's all MPO related blackscreens stuttering flickering even graphical glitches can be MPO related

AMD better catch up these issues existed since 22.5.1 and possibly since way before 22.5.1

This is probably more understandable by AMD


When screenrecording MPO is disabled.

Refer to this for proof that it can fix graphical glitches

MPO is also root cause of blackscreens like doing a whatsapp video call or random blackscreen while alt tabbing.

This may be Microsoft feature but its still AMD users having problems, AMD should adress this by the next driver atleast mention the known issues related to it, instead of chasing symptoms related to MPO being broken.

Also get in touch with Microsoft and work together to fix these issues, either AMD did something wrong, or Microsoft messed up issue started becoming visible since 22.6.1

Disabling MPO

Yes i am linking an Nvidia page, since Nvidia had very similar issues with their drivers in the past.

Nvidia actually fell in a trap and probably thinks shader cache can be corrupted and decided to handle shader cache wrong, while the issue may have been MPO related.

AMD please do not fall into the same traps Nvidia did, cos right now it feels like AMD is sleeping while there quite a few issues right now with drivers.

there even agesa related issues with EDC bug but that is totally different topic any agesa after 1203c has unstable PBO

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IF AMD wants to insist there no issues i recommend leaving MPO on and set 8 bit color depth

MPO is enabled at 8 bit color depth, only on primary monitor.

People often report it happens during video playback on second monitor however when you use picture in picture on 2e screen and the video was originally on primary monitor, its still technically playing on primary monitor while overlaying on secondary monitor throwing off synchronisation especially with freesync which it does not if you drag the window to 2e screen and then use picture in picture or just dragging window to 2e screen.

Adept III


I would be very grateful if you could report or share your problem or experiences here >

This article discusses issues related to MPO compatibility.


This helped fix my flickering issues, but I wonder if there are any downsides to disabling MPO? I looked it up and found a bunch of technical explanations on what it does but I couldn't really understand if keeping it off might cause any problems in games or elsewhere?


Its already disabled on 10 bit color depth i believe, its a feature with upsides like reduced latency, but obviously when MPO causes all these issues it even running out of sync it does the opesite with nasty side effects.

I do not think MPO ever been stable its been a mess probably since it got introduced, and the issues that it causes are miss indentified as something totally different, its also not odd that people report these problems did't get fixed even tho AMD claims it was fixed, because creative users are often only running at 10 bit color depth for profesional work.

Also MPO is disabled while instant replay is on and recording and if desktop recording is also enabled then its also disabled on desktop where it often causes blackscreens the most.

Screenrecording 24/7 is not viable solution disabling MPO is however.

There are already reports of screenrecording fixing graphical issues


Also relevant when some users have no stutter they likely run 10 bit color depth while those with stutter run 8 bit color depth.

Also before i forget to mention MPO is only enabled on primary monitor not secondary monitor so if an app like whatsapp desktop video call causes blackscreen it wont do this on secondary monitor, neither while screenrecording or at 10 bit color depth, or better yet not while MPO is disabled


Still system freezes especially during playing wow that is not present on older drivers like 22.5.1

was freezing multiple times a day then stopped freezing after downgrading to 22.3.1 drivers are still bad but atleast on desktop things are useable again, but games are unstable, and that while wow is a dx12 tittle, it should be fully stable but its not.

Also it seems i was wrong MPO is enabled even on 10 bit color depth.