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Is This Low Core Clock Behavior Normal For RX 7600 Combined With R5 2600

First of all, my system specs are as follows:

MSI B450 Tomahawk Max Motherboard

Ryzen R5 2600 CPU

XFX Speedster Quik RX 7600 Black GPU

3200mhz CL16 2x8GB Ram

Kingston Sata SSD

Windows 11

All drivers and OS updates are done. Bios is also up to date.

Now, this is not necessarily a problem but something that made me curious. When I run a 3D Mark Timespy test, core clocks reach 2700mhz and comfortably stay there and sometimes even hits 2800mhz in GPU Tests. Temps are totally fine at around 60 degrees celcius hotspot and even lower core temp. However, in games like Apex Legends and The Finals, GPU core clock barely hits 1400mhz and in general stays around 1300 mhz.

Now, this might totally be normal since GPU usage is around 50-60% as I think I am getting CPU bottlenecked in those games, but shouldn't the core clock still go as high as possible? I tried setting minimum core clock to 2600mhz to force high clocks and fps or general performance doesn't improve one bit, which lets me think low core clock is an intended behavior since GPU isn't under too much stress.

I just wanted to ask here if this is a problem or if my card is working as intended. Would a better CPU let my GPU work at high core clocks? Thanks a lot for all the answers in advance and have a good day!

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Since I am considering getting this card you have my attention.  Although it sound like you have the card overclocked since your reaching 2700mhz and the base is 2250mhz with the boost at 2625mhz.  Check out this review at Tech Power Up:

Now after that said, I honestly think your bottleneck is in you CPU.  The R5 2600 has a few things that are not compatible with newer technology that I experienced with an R7 2700X CPU.  

  1. Not compatible with GEN 4 NVMe drives.  Defaults to GEN 3 which is about 1/2 the speed of GEN 4.
  2. Not compatible with SMA (Smart Memory Access) in GPU.

I upgraded or I should say downgraded from the R7 2700X to a R5 5600 and got a performance boost.  I am currently running an RX 480 which is not compatible with SMA.

Anyway, I honestly think that your CPU is your bottleneck here.


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Well, that's what I though. I am looking into R5 5600 as an uprade in the future honestly and it feels good to know I can squeeze much more performance out of this card.

About the overclock though, it is a Black edition GPU with 3 fans and even higher core clocks. It hits 2825 mhz max out of the box. Runs like a charm so far so if you are interested, definitely go for it! Also thanks for your reply!