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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Is it possible to install an Ati-AMD PCI-e card in a computer with integrated Ati?

I have an Asus server with integrated graphics card.
I have tried to install a PCI-e card with Ati Radeon x-300 chip in Windows. The system boots perfectly but when I install the Ati Radeon x-300 drivers, the drivers of the integrated Ati ES1000 card are also updated incorrectly, so when restarting, a blue screen is produced.
Then I have to start in safe mode and disable the integrated card in the device manager.
If I remove the PCI-e card, Windows keeps giving blue screen until I uninstall in safe mode the badly updated drivers of the integrated card.
Is there a solution so that the drivers of the integrated card are not updated incorrectly?
Is there another Ati-AMD card with which I do not have this driver incompatibility?
If I install an Nvidia card I do not have this problem.

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That is highly antiquated and unsupported hardware. Are you sure the video card is in working order?


The card works perfectly.
If I buy a new card will I have the same conflict with the internal card drivers?


If the rest of your system is of the same age as the X300, 14 years, you need to seriously consider upgrading to a new system unless it is absolutely imperative you use that old hardware. New cards are too advanced for that system.