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Journeyman III

Is it just me, or is everyone with AMD CPU's having issues with 5700 cards?

I thought I was on to something earlier in the week, so I was hoping you could answer if you are interested.  How many of you that have problems are using @Intel CPU's with your 5700's or other series cards?  Most of the people complaining here and on all the other forums seem to be using Ryzen or other AMD CPU's.  A lot of the reviewers out there also seems to be using Intel's i9 9900k clocked at 5Ghz to eliminate any kind of bottlenecks I suppose and they seem to not have any issues, but seriously, is it just me or are is anyone else picking up this trend, if it is even one.

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Journeyman III

I had the problem running an Intel 8700K on a Z390 board. Changing to X570 and a 3900X did not help. I had the issues with both my old Vega56 and the newer 5700XT

Here is the details: 

Clean windows install... clean driver... I don't do driver cleaner, I nuked my windows 10 installation every time I want to update my driver. That's how desperate I was. So don't tell me to clean the driver, there's no other driver before. 

CORSAIR AX1600i just in case the old PSU is the problem. 1600W is enough. 

Turning off all free sync and enhanced sync. 

Running 3 monitors: 2x Acer XF270HUA 2K 144hz and a BenQ SW271 4K 60hz.

Instant black screen when I load the heavy games such as Total war 3 kingdoms or the witcher 3. 

Random black screen after 20 mins or so in lighter title like Rocket League or League of Legends. 

Unplugging 2 monitors, leaving only 1 Acer monitor, still black screen with less frequency. 

Using BenQ 4K only at 60hz seems to produce the least black screen but I'm not gonna game on that 60hz panel.


Upgraded march 2019 to a 2600x and rx580,No issues,Upgraded again in Nov 2019 to a 2700x and rx5700xt oc, 0 issues again.everything works smooth. 

Adept II

5700xt nitro-black screen almost every day(1-5 times per day)only hard reset...Trash,usless card!