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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

installing graphics card radeon rx6700 xt

im installing this graphics card and when i boot my computer the screen goes to the bios screen and i dont know what to do


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You need to provide information of components, CPU / Motherboard make and model / RAM / Power Supply make and model / storage.

If the motherboard has integrated graphics - Disable it in your settings and save it and reboot. 

With no information that is all I can possibly think that might cause it to go straight into the BIOS.

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Assuming you connected the display cable to your graphics, getting image is at least a good sign.

Check this and give it a try. The error code should tell you what's wrong too.
Example: Normally bad ram timings will have several boot loops and straight to BIOS with the DRAM light on.
Example: Normally bad graphics card or something related to it, should light the VGA light.
Example: CPU not present, faulty or even the BIOS not ready for it, again CPU light on.
Example: No drives installed, boot drive faulty or absent, and something related to boot, yes indeed, Boot light.


But preferably, give us more info because my post is pretty much generic at this time

Good Luck Troubleshotin'!

The Englishman

Your advice sounds like a you've been there done that thing.

I've never encountered going straight to the BIOS that I can recall.  But, I think I would follow your advice.  

Like you said at least he got an image and that image is telling him to change a setting or disable something or possibly enable something.

ianf didn't say if the computer was functioning properly or not prior to the installation of the graphics.

I have faith that the Community will help solve his problem.


Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"