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Adept I

Installing amdgpu pro on non-LTS versions of Ubuntu

Is it possible to install the amdgpu-pro drivers on non-LTS versions of Ubuntu such as Ubuntu 20.10?

I've had issues with DisplayPort on my RX 5600 XT under 20.10 using the OSS modules included with the standard Ubuntu kernels but I am unable to test with the pro drivers due to them locking to the distribution version. I've tried spoofing the distribution ID but that does not seem to work. I'd like to be able to test the pro drivers (and OpenCL would be nice...) but downgrading to an LTS version is not an option for me. If there's some way to install the pro drivers on non-LTS versions I'd very much like to know it.

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Adept II

Hmm you should join the Linux Mint discord, they have a really great support section. I am also in a good discord with really informed linux users if you want.