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Adept I

Installed RX580, now VLC/Chrome video playback is slow/choppy


My HTPC/Gaming box in my living room recently got an upgrade. I went from an nVidia 750Ti to an AMD RX580 8Gb. Gaming is great on it. No issues at all. Maximum settings in all games at 1080p on my TV and its really fun. Happy with the gaming performance. No slow frames or anything, it's great.

The side effect, however, is that for some reason, video playback in software like VLC and Media Player Classic with local .AVI HD264 container video files have slow playback. The audio is in sync, but the video FPS seems slow, instead of smooth, like it's under 20 FPS or something. This also happens on websites with Chrome browser, with Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, audio is in sync, but the video seems slow and under 20FPS.

This was not happening before at all. So it's gotta be software/driver related as the cables and output haven't changed.

I output from my box with an HDMI cable to my Yamaha AVR and then again to my TV via HDMI from the AVR. With my previous 750Ti setup, this worked fine, no issues, video was smooth. With the RX580 and latest Radeon drivers/software, I have this odd slow video in all my playback software and streaming in web browser. The only thing that changed was the RX580 entered the system and the software. It was working before. Now it's just oddly slow at playback of video, specifically. I imagine it may be something with software or settings with respect to the HDMI output to my AVR or something?

I have installed K-Lite codecs and tried Shark007 codecs, did not solve the issue.

I have tried turning off HDCP, did not solve the issue.

I have tried turning off "hardware acceleration" in all things, did not solve the issue.

This GPU is fantastic for our gaming and I like it for that. But this video playback issue is a real problem as we use this box as a HTPC too, with Kodi, VLC and chrome for streaming video. The audio sync is fine, but the video is just slow FPS it seems, not smooth. I cannot seem to figure out why. And again, it is HDMI out to an AVR and then to a TV. It was fine before with the 750Ti and nVidia software/drivers. Games do not suffer any problems, games are fantastic with this RX580. But the video playback is just a weird thing. It has to be software or settings related or drivers since it was working and this is a much more recent and modern card.

I uninstalled the nVidia drivers/software and installed the latest Radeon drivers as of this week.

Any help on what to try to solve this is appreciated!

XFX Radeon RX580 GTS XXX Edition 8GTb (RX-580P8DFD6)

HDMI output to Yamaha RX-V385 then HDMI output to 42" LED HDTV

(This worked fine before, now video stream/playback is slow, but gaming is fine)

Very best,

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Adept I


Any ideas from anyone? I'm at the point where I'm thinking of just switching back at this point because I can't just have basic lag/chop free video playingback in movies and streaming content in browsers for whatever reason with this card.

I went into the Radeon software and turned off any overlays, or any other thing I could find enabled. I'm thinking it has to be software/driver and related to HDMI through my receiver AVR. But then it doesn't make sense because games are 100+ FPS through the same system and are smooth and great. Something in the codec/driver/software is just having a fit when it comes to video playback, completely unrelated to the GPU. Turning off all things I could find in the Radeon software did not help however. So I'm still at the same place I started.

Very best,

Adept I

I found the issue for anyone else who gets to this.

I uninstalled the Radeon software. I ran DDU (display driver uninstaller, 3rd party) to completely flush the system of all conflicting drivers and software in Safe Mode with no network on.

With the Radeon software installed, it seems to work fine. But the moment I use HDMI scaling (3% in my case) to adjust the display to match my resolution (I was reducing resolution down to 1080p on my desktop for use on TV). This instantly causes the playback to go slower/choppy, the total issue. Games are fine. But playback for some reason goes slow in VLC/Streaming. Radeon software specifically caused this issue. I set the resolution lower because it's a big TV and it's 4K and my AVR is 4K, but I don't want a tiny bunch of text/icons to deal with from the couch. So I lower the resolution since it doesn't matter for my purpose anyways. Well, clearly, scaling is an issue with Radeon software.

I uninstalled the Radeon software completely and ran DDU again.

From a clean state, I avoided Radeon software and merely went to Device Manager and installed the driver only manually with no software.

This works fine now. The video playback is fine again. Gaming is fine.

But, I can't get scaling now due to no software. 

So instead, I set my desktop to 4K and just went to my display settings in windows and increased text DPI to 300% and this is fine, scales perfectly, but running 4k (no difference really).

So the final issue is scaling in Radeon software specifically if anyone else finds this searching or has this issue. It's relative to the Radeon software suite and scaling specifically it seems. I can't use the software and scaling without the issue. nVidia's software didn't have this problem.

So I'm replacing my RX580 with a 1660 Super sadly. I liked this RX580, great GPU for games for me for the cost. But this software is just not tolerable to have to do this just for video playback.

Very best,

I found your solution helpful but not the part of getting a Nvida GPU card .

I would open an AMD Service Request (Official AMD SUPPORT)  ticket and let them know what you found out. It is possible they may have a work around for your issue or maybe incorporate a fix in the next driver if they are aware of what you found out and others are having similar issues.

You can open a AMD Support ticket from here: