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Journeyman III

In-games setting not updating


I've got a problem with gaming for whale, I'm not sure why but when I change in-game graphics settings it doesn't update in-game when I play rainbow six siege I tried changing the in-game settings and benchmark, the FPS stays the same no matter what settings I change to, even recently playing Apex Legends, changing the in-game settings doesn't do anything. I have upgraded from Gtx 1050 ti to the Rx 580 like 5 months ago and it has happened ever since. I'm also sure I have up to date drivers installed. This has been causing my GPU usage to go up and down getting frame drop since I can't change my graphics.

My PC specs:

CPU: Intel Core i3 6100

Graphics card: MSI - RX580 - Armor - 8G - OC

Ram: 8GB

I would really appreciate a solution.


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