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Journeyman III

Im having trouble and confusion trying to reach 120hz 12288x2160.

Hey guys! Im having some troubles trying to get my end game sim rig underway. I have 3 42 inch lg c2's and I am running 1 of them on a hdmi2.1 cable, the other 2 on 2 passive cable matters dp1.4 to hdmi 2.1 adapters into an hdmi 2.1 cables.

Here are said parts

 I can run them at 4k 120hz 10 bit when in tripple screen mode. When I switch to try to do eyefinity both with the auto quick setup and the eyefinitypro config.exe It will force me to 60hz. If I drop down to 7680x1440 it will let me do 100hz. I am very confused why it lets me run these screens at 120hz 4k when not in eyefinity but I get gimped when using it. If the adapters and cables were not able to do 3x4k120 why can I do 4k120 when using them as normal multi monitors? I feel like im missing something very dumb somewhere and im coming up blank looking online on my own. I also have NO option to choose any settings with eyefnity. I get the quick setup and thats it. No other settings. I also lose my ability to run hdr. 

I am on the latest version of adrenaline and latest drivers for my card. This is a fresh install of windows. 


Alot of other people running my exact cable setup are running 12288x2160 on 4090s..Is the 6900xt bandwidth limited here? 

Any input at all is appreciated

the pc this is on
windows 10
power color red devil 6900xt with the latest drivers (will be bumped up next gen when something replaces the 4090)
32gb of ram

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Journeyman III