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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

I want to upgrade my graphics card

I currently have an AMD Radeon R7 200 Series and I am thinking of getting a slight upgrade but for a cheap price any suggestions?

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There's nothing I would recommend right now due to the insane GPU shortages worldwide, which aren't expected to be alleviated until the middle of the year, if that soon.

As Black Zion mentioned prices are very high for GPUs cards at the moment.

But once you decide to purchase another GPU card you need to consider your CPU and PSU also.

Depending on the GPU Card you get and the CPU you have installed will determine how much the CPU will throttle the GPU (performance).  Black Zion can probably tell you which GPUs will work best with your processor.

But the most important thing is the PSU. You need a PSU that will be powerful enough to run your Computer and GPU card without power issues.

Once you decide which GPU card you want, you can go to his GPU/PSU website which give a good reference to the type of minimum PSU you will need to for various GPU cards both AMD & Nvidia: