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Journeyman III

I need help with my Ryzen 3 2200g, low use of GPU

Hi, I have a ryzen 3 2200g, drivers updated to the day, 8 gb of ram single channel 2400 mhz, a320m-k asus, and in the games I have a bad performance, even to see how it is used only 10-25% of the integrated graphics, downs, etc. I played csgo and I have good performance, rocket league uses too little gpu, 20%, but in high quality and some things disabled, 45 to 60 fps, but when I try heavy games like fallout 4, performance collapses, an old game as CoD WaW I walk at 80 fps to the maximum, but with incredible downturns. I tried everything but I do not know how to make my gpu to work hard.

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