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Adept I

I get atio6axx.dll App Crash in every game on Geforce Now after I updated the driver.

I have been using geforce now on my windows 7 computer. With amd sempron 145t processor and ati radeon hd 4650. It used to work fine, not perfect but fine. At least I did not get crashes. I decided to update the driver to see if it would make things better. It did not. So I uninstalled the update by choosing 

to return to the old driver. That was all I really did. And then none of the games on GFN seems to open.

Computer Info: 

Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) 145 Processor (2.80 ghz)

RAM: 4Gb

Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4650

System: 64bit

Hard Disk Space: 298 Gb

Graphic Memory: 2815 Mb

DirectX Version: DirectX 10

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I am confused are you using both an Nvidia GeForece and AMD GPU Card (HD4650) on the same motherboard?

Can you please post your computer setup information to be able to provide some suggestions. Thanks.

Geforce Now is a game streaming/cloud gaming service by Nvidia. I use ATI radeon hd 4650 for Graphics and AMD Sempron(tm) 145 for processor. 


Seems like your Sempron Processor doesn't meet the requirements of the game. You need a Dual core processor: System Requirements for Cloud Gaming | NVIDIA GeForce NOW 

Here are the specs for your Sempron 145 Processor from CPU World:

I would open an Nvidia Support ticket to see if your PC meets the minimum requirements to run GeForce Now steaming game.

Here is AMD last Window 7 AMD Driver for your HD 4650 from AMD download page: 

It seems like my computer does not meet the minimum requirements. But I was playing without a serious problem. After I upgraded my driver with this exact version. The game was worse. So I returned to the old version. That is when games started to crash. Maybe I should re-upgrade the driver.


The reason why the game is running so poorly is because you don't have the correct processor installed to run that type of game.

Graphic Drivers won't help a game run normally or correctly if you don't have the correct hardware installed to run the games your want to run.