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Adept I

How to modify AMD Vega 56/64 Bios?

Hey, so turns out I happen to have an RX Vega 56 that should never have passed quality control. After many long hours I discovered that the core voltage needs to be raised +31mv or it will crash when anything hardware accelerated is displayed. I did this via MSI Afterburner; however, now and then (and I think on boot), Afterburner doesn't remember the configuration. The best solution would be to modify the bios so that it is always overvolted, but after some research I don't think that is possible.

Any suggestions are welcome , thanks!

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I think the best solution is to make changes with WattMan. Because AMD driver does not always apply the voltage data of GPU BIOS. Also, GPU BIOS voltage data may not be written even in mV. Also, edited BIOS may be incompatible with UEFI BIOS. Also, GPU driver with edited GPU BIOS will not work without patching.

Ok I can try it again, but AMD in their infinite wisdom made their entire program hardware accelerated with fancy graphics and it crashes the card every time I open it unless I up the voltage in afterburner first. Either way it seems I need to keep afterburner on my computer.


Of course you're right. I'm not saying you can stabilize without +31mV. I think AMD develops WattMan for preventing these problems. Because each graphics cards have different 12V supply
and have different mosfets.

Adept II

If you're not familiar with modifying bios for a gpu it would be kinda smart to let it be. As mstfbsrn980 mentioned you could use Wattman or a great tool called overdriventool.

However if you still insist in doing a bios flash I recommend checking

AMD/ATI Flashing Guide | TechPowerUp Forums 

But be careful.