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How to force a resolution and refresh rate in Adrenalin?


I would like to set a custom resolution on my AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT, Windows 10 home. I did quite a bit of research already, but unfortunately nothing that seems to help in my particular case. I own a Sony X900(0)F, which I have been using as my primary screen on my desktop. So far everything has been going well, everything runs nicely and at high settings in 4K, at 60Hz. Since I have gone into competitive games like PUBG and Apex Legends, I would like to see what difference a higher refresh rate could make for me.

Before I bought the TV, I did some research and it was confirmed from several sides ([1],[2]), that the X900F has a 120Hz panel which should be supported up to 1440p at this refresh rate. After a lot of tinkering and 2 black screen events, I have hit a complete roadblock. I am unable to force the resolution to 2560 x 1440 @120Hz. From the sources below you can see that it definitely should be supported, however I cannot figure out how to input the new resolution correctly into the Adrenalin environment. There are so many settings there and no useful explanations about what they mean and how to use them at all! I guess some of the settings there would need to be calculated manually to make this work?

I managed to define a resolution as seen in the screenshot, but as soon as I try to set the 120Hz under Windows, all I am getting is a black screen and the TV (just) restarts (lucky me!!!). Screenshot 2 shows my display settings and confirms that I could choose 120Hz. I do not understand how the signal stays at 3840x2160, see "active signal resolution" in picture 2.

I also tried to set the resolution some people found in the reddit article [2], but no luck, this one does not seem to work at all. It won't allow me to safe the new resolution, stating: "The custom resolution settings are not compatible with this device. [...]". No hint as to what is actually wrong is given.

Does anybody know how force set a resolution through Adrenalin? It seems to be much, much more complicated than necessary. Another point for NVIDIA Is there any way to reliably find out what my screen really supports? I know there is the "silicon lottery", which is potentially why I cannot set the higher resolution of 2864x1611@120hz.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance!


[1]: Search for "1440p @ 120 Hz" on



Picture 1 Adrenalin settingsPicture 1 Adrenalin settingsPicture 2 Display info.Picture 2 Display info.

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Adept III

if i was you, i would test (brand new)  hdmi kables that support those high refresh rates in that resolution..  test a few, and from different maker, even brand new certified hdmi cables very often bring not working order for what you need..


Thanks, but I do not see how this helps me with the settings as shown in Picture 1. Nothing is set automatically and as I explained I have so far bin unable to input a valid resolution / refresh rate in the menu as shown in Pic. Every time I input something, it complains that a setting is invalid, without stating which one.

So again, the question is NOT about cables, but ONLY about how to input a valid custom resolution with custom refresh rate. Further trouble shooting involving cables can be done after I have understood how to input a correct custom resolution.

Still no solution to this. Is it really not possible? NVIDIA seems to be able to do it, AMD not?

Adept III

You need to make sure you input the correct settings as they are often incorrect when just changing the resolution and the refresh also alters what is needed, if correct it should accept the custom res.

I was using a utility called cru-1.5.1 to set my custom resolution's in the monitor's profile before I figured this out as I just recently switched to team red. And its a very useful for setting the custom res in Adrenalin you can open your profile with CRU set the resolution+refresh to what you want to try then compare the numbers to AMD's software and it should accept it if your monitor works without bad results you are all set.

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Thank you for answering and sharing. I will take a look. I don't understand why AMD can't simply provide some explanations around this. The only article that I could find on AMD websites said: Just put your values here and there. No word on how to actually obtain those values and if incorrect values could for instance actually damage a TV. It used to be that way with CRT screens back in the day.

Literally ALL info I found online was about how EASY it was to do on NVIDIA cards.

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