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Journeyman III

How good/bad are the AMD-GPU drivers really?

Hey guys,

after a while it's time to upgrade my GTX 1070 and my 1st option right now is the 7900xt.
For anyone wondering, the XTX is 200€+ more expensive in my country, so I'm not going for this. As an NVIDIA user for all my life, I'm a little bit scared about all the talk of the bad drivers of AMD.
Like game crashes, stuttering in games, high power draw in idle, stuttering while streaming and so on.
But the only other option on NVIDIA side is the 4070ti and especially the 12gb are just not future-proof enough for me.

So my question to all of you guys is: What is your experience?
Even if the drivers are buggy sometimes, is it worth to switch?
Are they even as buggy as all the talk goes?

Thanks for your help and honest opinions.

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Adept I

fwiw... Here's my anecdote.

9 months ago, I bought an RX 6650 XT.
Started with stuttering on Youtube (fixed in patch shortly after it seems).
HDMI sound cutout when using Windows movie apps like Neflix, Disney, etc.  Didn't happen with past nVidia cards.
Persistent Office 365 artifact issues that appear randomly.  The ones I use a lot are Outlook, OneNote, and Excel.
2 completely different i9 based computers (one connected to TV that produces the sound issue, one connected to 3 monitors and a portable HDMI monitor which doesn't have the sound issue).

Bought an RX 7600 2 months ago and returned it.
Same issues with Office 365 and movie apps on both computers.

Bought an RX 6750 XT 1 month ago.
Same thing, though gave up on trying to test it on the second computer.  Recent driver update didn't fix issues.

Might be a rare bug and bad luck on the draw both scenarios for me...who knows.
It's not completely disabling, I only noticed this because I used these applications a lot.  It's really anoying though.
I'm going to return the RX 6750 XT because it's on my main computer and it sometimes mixes part of excel areas like it refreshes a spot with a different area. Even parts of menu stuff placed in the wrong spot.  I can't risk a potential number change in a cell causing me to lose thousands of dollars or something due to bad business decision, etc.   They haven't fixed this in months so for me at least, I'm not waiting since Office is more important than gaming.

I'll keep the RX 6650 XT for now because it's in a HTPC/gaming TV setup so it's not a big deal and I can work around the HDMI sound issue.

AMD is cheaper than nVidia, though depending on how much you game, note that some cards are really high wattage for similar performance so you will pay more in bills.

Hope this helps.

Adept I

I myself was using nvidia cards  from as long as i can remember, i was looking for new gpu  last month and put alot of time to research into it . I looked price and performance  so ended up this time around  picking 7900xtx red devil edition  as had better value to performance compared to nvidia excluding ray tracing which is not important to me  as is still fairly new tech and I'm more into performance.  I had similar concerns like you and found at least my experience  so far with no regrets on my purchase. The adrenaline software has way more options to configure the game compared to nvidia . I was blown away by the options actually lol, I have none of the issues that other people reported when was researching,  maybe I got lucky who knows . I hope this helped somewhat,  cheers


Adept II

The white flicker issue drives me nuts and some games like D4 crash a lot, though I dunno if the crash itself is the game's fault or the driver, but I do get a driver timeout. I'm sure the white full/half screen flicker is the driver issue though. White flicker used to happen while watching videos, fixed at 23.5.2, however still happens in games, especially if you have video playback in the background or a second screen.

TL;DR, there are issues, and it takes a lot of time for them to fix. Performance is there though despite the annoyances.


Interesting you get the white flicker in games.

I wonder if it's related to Office 365 whiteout artifacts.
What I get is stuff like:
Whiteout of textblocks in OneNote (usually the whole textblock but more rarely like a tab length column on left.
Whiteout of sheet in Excel.
Whiteout of reading pane in Outlook.

Except maybe apps don't do "FPSing" so you actually have to move the mouse to another area of the screen to get rid of the white box.

Other more "normal" artifacts are like Excel tab name and Outlook folder name mixups and the occasional menu/bar item replicating to some random part of screen.  It's kinda funny like all of the sudden there's an "fx" in a cell or tab.  Or like "Expenses" turn into "Accounts" out of nowhere. lol


Can you try this?

Go into the AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition
Enable "Radeon Anti-Lag" in the game in question.

I found this ridiculous fix where you'd add the Office 365 title's executable to "Games" and enable this "Reduces input lag" feature.  This appears to have resolved the "whiteout and screen section mixup" artifacts on the Office 365 titles.  I don't know how someone figured that one out, but it seems to be working. Since your flicker seems similar to this, maybe it would work for your games as well?

Tried it on RX 6650 XT as well as RX 6750 XT and both cases seemed to have fixed the Office 365 issues I've been having.

Journeyman III

I have never had any serious problems with drivers and I have used a few different AMD cards over the years. I think you only hear about the drivers when people are having problems so it skews the results. If you do have any issues with a driver you can just downgrade to the last stable version.


Not very good in my experience, eventually you will run into an issue, and amd will take a very long time to patch. I am giving amd another chance after giving up on them like just before 1080 ti released. Said I would never use them again, but now that NVidia is price gouging i figure why not try the 7900 xtx.

It took them like 6-7 months to fix or somewhat fix high power draw for some high refresh rate monitors. It also took them until july to fix EDID overrides so that i could use freesync on my monitor (gsync ultimate monitor) without locking up PC.

Volunteer Moderator

I haven't had barely any issues. Most of the issues I had were brought on by me using other programs like MSI Afterburner, and it was just causing my GPU fans to read the wrong RPM. Once I got rid of MSI AB I was golden and have had only a few bugs since.

Usually I could fix the few issues by using the combo WIN,SHIFT,CTRL,B and it would restart the drivers. Only a few issues required a reinstall of Adrenaline. Specifically the Apex bug that I think is now fixed required a reinstall, and then the Windows overwriting my drivers bug was fixed by using GPEDIT.

It is worth saying I am on last gen, RX 6800 XT, and I haven't had the chance to test the RX 7000 series.

This is not to say other people didn't have issues. I must have just been lucky.

Ryzen 7 7700X, MSI MAG X670E Tomahawk Wifi, Corsair DOMINATOR® TITANIUM RGB 2x16GB DDR5 DRAM 6000MT/s CL30, AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT, Corsair HX Series™ HX1000, Corsair MP600 PRO NH 4TB

Latest AMD GPU's I've owned/currently own

RX 550 2GB

RX 570 8GB

RX 580 4GB

5700XT x2




All have been great cards in wife's, daughter's and my own rigs

Whatever GPU you do decide to get.. things you should do

Update your motherboard's BIOS to latest

Install latest chipset drivers from or

Make sure you have a more than adequate 80+ Gold or better rated PSU from a reputable brand

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Adept II

I was looking for a 4070ti but in the end I got a 7900XT because of the amount of VRAM what I think is more future proof. But I encountered some challenges with drivers that I wouldn't expect. The high power draw on  desktop I only got rid off with the driver version 23.7.1 and later in addition with the tool CRU. 

I had to re-install Windows (came from nvidia) because I got many stutters in games - but I have to say that my nvidia card got heavy stutters, too. Especially in Cyberpunk and Generation Zero. I got massive problems with sleep modes (PC freezed or rebooted) which I thought came from the drivers and I nearly wanted to refund the card and switch back to nvidia. But it turned out my old PSU could not handle the deep sleep modes of the card. With newer PSU there aren't any problems with sleep modes.

Therefore: I ran into many problems in the first run which I thought came from bad AMD drivers but it turned out that "only" the high power draw on desktop is an issue without external tools (80 W standard, 5-30 W with CRU). I hope AMD get this fixed. All other things run fine actually. 

Adept II

screen freeze and amd driver error message.. rx 6600

Adept I

Sometimes PC Freeze/Reboot issues could be due to heat.  In one situation, I was getting freezes and reboots from Calisto Protocol (that I got free with a recent AMD card purchase) on higher settings.  I opened the case and it never happened again.  I think this would apply to nVidia or even Intel graphics.  Many AMD cards just run at higher wattage than they should I guess so...  It's similar to overclocking, where you've reached the limit of temperatures of stability.  Either way, you'd do well with a well cooled case, or just openning it.  I've implemented this trick since the beginning of PC building practically when I was too cheap and lazy to get a new case. lol

My very old Chieftec-Tower has also one open side since many years. If I would close it the system overheats and gets unstable as you describe especially in the summer time. Good to read that I'm not the only one doing so.


Adept II

i think he is asking the interface and function provided in the driver or app, adrenaline.