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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

How are AMD graphics drivers as of right now?

I have been thinking of retiring my old 1050Ti for an 5700XT but im a bit worried about the driver issues that some people have had in the past. Has AMD fixed the driver issues?

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Adept I

You may want to review the many comments here be you proceed.

I just bought a 6900XT and I can't get it to run stable. The drivers time-out consistently in Microsoft Flight Simulator VR using the Reverb G2.

In fact just crashed a minute before I came on line to submit a crash report. Which may or may not have an impact on updates as I don't see any feedback.

You asked. Hope it helps.

Journeyman III

I've been having issues with mine. I don't have the newest GPU I have, a R7 M440. It hasn't been working correctly since the windows update 20. I've tried everything to fix it with no luck. My games have been freezing constantly as if needing to buffer a minute before continuing so that has knocked a lot of my games to unplayable unless I want to die constantly.  The AMD settings won't even open either to adjust anything. 


They are fine,Been running my current ASUS STRIX 5700XT since Nov 2019 with 0 issues,Before that a RX580,no issues.


Haters will hate.




Liars will lie.

because you had a bad experience doesn't mean everybody had it, personnaly, my computer is running fine, getting old, but never crashed (well, once, when my power supply gave up) .

Is it so astonishing people having computer works fine ?


You come on here because of your inexperience with The Product,20Years experience with AMD CPU's and GPUs say otherwise to your Comments,Just because My experience is different than yours you are offended.

Prove otherwise before you make an A** of yourself again.


Lack of experience? My first computer was a IBM XT 286. My first graphics chip was a Ati Rage Pro. I also expect your lying about your experience as your reputation on this forum is mud.


And I don't understand why you guys are even fighting.. Isn't all this lie/true hearsay easily resolved by people who claim they had a crash simply posting their crash log files? 

Wouldn't that solve it for all here and accessions left or right would stop?

It would also be helpful to those of us who just wanna know if these crashes are really happening and aren't interested in AMD worshiping or AMD hating...