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Journeyman III

Hogwarts Legacy 6900xt weird graphic issues since update

Hello since the first update of Hogwarts Legacy my game is kind of unplayable but it is not because of the performance at all. There seems to be a Problem with the textures or shaders. 

Since the update these issues persist:
-Characters have no facial animation at all.

-can't use PS4 Cotnroller anymore because the 'X' button does not work most of the time

- Pictures in Menu are not loading

- weird step boarders around everything touched by light

- just a black screen while doing the lock opening mini game


I already changed basically every setting possible to change and even reinstalled my graphics driver and even downgraded (and upgraded as a new driver was released while having these issues) and i reinstalled the game. My system is running windows 11 and before any patches eversything worked fine. 

Screenshot 2023-02-23 104237.jpgScreenshot 2023-02-23 104253.jpgScreenshot 2023-02-24 170557.jpg


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Journeyman III

Hi, I too have the same problem!
I've tried changing all the settings, reinstalling the drivers, reinstalling the game but nothing changes.
I also have the problem of the faces not moving...
I do not know what to do!

Journeyman III

The same issue... Have you found the solution?

Journeyman III

Unfortunately i have the exact same problem with a 5700XT. I've tried pretty much everything but haven't found a solution

Journeyman III

Hi everyone!
I solved all my problems with a "simple" solution: I reinstalled the operating system as I was using an insider version that had obvious problems!
Reinstalled the operating system, device drivers and reinstalled the game... everything works fine!
I hope my experience will be useful to you too!

I am actually also on the insider version... i have to try this unfortunately