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High Usage spikes for no reason

I have a custom built PC with an AMD 3 2200G quad core 3.7ghz CPU, 16 DDR4 2666mhz ram, and 500W PSU 

My issues is that my Graphics card, a Biostar RX 560 4gb, has recently in that past 2 days spiked at random times for no reason what so ever and will freeze my computer, I have tried many things, before it was hgih usage because AMD drivers were encoding a video, I fixed that, but not even 40 minutes ago from when this was written, it spiked again, freezing my computer. I have tried restarting, updating drivers, re-seating the graphics card,  and checking for dust. This card only uses a max of 70 watts, and it normally uses a max of 50 watts when I play, or intensively use it. It isn't overheating, actually none of my components are over heating.

I would like an answer for this, please.

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Honestly I would suspect a power supply going out. You are only 50 watts over the requirements and many cheap power supplies don't really supply what they say. Or even if it is a good one and aging they do trail off on the power over time. If you have a retailer that takes returns you could try a new one and if it doesn't help return it. Then likely your looking at an RMA for the GPU. 


I have a 500 watt 80+ white evga PSU that I got on December 27th of 2018, it is less than 2 years old and has a lot of protection features. I would think that if it were my PSU, my computer would just turn off, but it doesnt, it freezes. And this doesnt happen all the time, I could play a game for hours straight and have no issues, but if I were to watch YouTube for 30 mins, all of sudden a huge usage spike and frozen computer, sometimes black screen.


I agree that should be good power supply. You did however say this is a sudden change and until recently the computer ran fine? 

Did the change correspond with any software changes like driver update or windows update?


What I did was I updated Radeon drivers to the latest ones, and still saw a 80% usage, it was encoding a video. I fixed that by unchecking in game recording and broadcasting, after that usage went to normal. But now, usage spikes are happening and I dont know if it's from bad drivers or what, but I used DDU to uninstall the drivers. They're now reinstalled via device manager but now windows is updating, so time to see how that goes


Heaven knows the drivers leave a bit to be desired so yes I'm sure it could be. So is this issue only happening when recording? Are you using Re-Live or another software? Is everything fine if you are not recording? 

I am definitely not an expert on the recording stuff. I just don't do it. Plenty here do and maybe will chime in with help.

You can also ask AMD here: 


Okay I was reading where you said watching you tube this happens missed that before. You are not the only one reporting that issue and yes it is likely driver related. Many get some resolve with the driver and browser issues by turning of hardware acceleration in the browser.  Many also report that it works better with Firefox. Obviously these are workarounds not fixes. Do make sure to report this stuff to AMD the more that do, hopefully gets them to fix the issue.


I have started a ticket with them, haven't heard back yet. And thank you, for the possible solutions.