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Journeyman III

high idle temperature in rx 6000 series

i have 

r5 3600

a320 mb

16gb of ram 3200mhz

rx 6600 asus dual

aoc 24g2 144hz

High idle temperature has situationally been observed when using select  high refresh rate displays on Radeon RX 6000 series 

i try to custom resolution and use 140hz in amd software adrenalin it fixed in desktop but when i go and watch youtube the temperature starts to rise again. (48°C) (only in youtube) in other sites i get (35-37 °C)

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The Maximum Operating Temperature of your GPU card is 110c.

You haven't posted any temperatures that are abnormal. 

Journeyman III

when i was with old monitor 60hz always get around 34 to 37°C in idle or when watching youtube but when i bought this new monitor in idle i get same temperature (34 to 37°C) with custom resolution 140hz on amd software

but when i watch youtube it rise to 48°C and when i exit youtube it go back to normal idk where the problem

it happend only in youtube and while play games i get a regular temperature all the time (48 to 55°C) i have only a issue when watching youtube


In my opinion, your GPU card is running normal with normal and even cooler than normal temperatures.

When you start seeing the Hot Spot or Junction Temperature go above 95c -100c than I would start finding out why.

Playing games you have a maximum of 55c which is 55c degrees below the Maximum temperature which is great.

If playing YouTube goes to 48c is really good and I can't see why you are so worried about such a low temperature while running your GPU card.


thanks but im worried of why it rise so fast in youtube to 48c and when i exit

it start to drop to normal temperature its like im playing game this make no sense and when i go to any other site like twitch or see a movie temperature hold steady between 34 and 37c 

i dont care about the number if its high or low but its only at youtube when i control it in amd software it rise so fast in just 2 min rise from 32c (in desktop do nothing) to 48c (watching  video)

i want it fixed both in desktop and youtube whether 34c or 48c i wish you understand me


Hardware accelerated video uses your graphics card for videos, It's normal, also you can disable "zero rpm" and bump up your fan speed a little to reduce temps.



i hate overclocking and these things i never mess with it