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Journeyman III

high fps, stutters, log included (this post is NOT spam)

tried making this post yesterday and it was taken down instantly as 'spam' and my attempt to get mod attention on it failed.


fps doesnt drop below 90. and some of the time i was playing while recording was smooth. but it was VERY frequently stuttering, it basically felt like it was actually running at 20-30 fps for most of the time. i'll put the raw text in a spoiler, and include a link to the actual file if that might be of help. but this is the issue. i would be happy as HELL with 60 fps... if it was a smooth 60. the only time my system feels smooth is when it is running over 120 fps. even watching youtube videos (or downloaded vids) are jerky/stuttery to the point i would swear they are running at ~20 fps. card is a radeon rx 590. terminator resistance runs perfectly on max settings (great game), terrraria runs so poorly it hurts my eyes.


couple things to know; this issue has persisted for years, through multiple driver/windows updates, a reformat, and numerous reinstalls. and it has been doing this right out of the box, i've literally spent more time trying to get various games running smoothly than i have spent playing anything. literally YEARS of troubleshooting, following every guide or obscure tip in forums that crop up in searches even tangentially related to my issue. nothing seems to help. bit of a side tangent, but i spent more money on this computer than i ever spent on anything in my life, will never have the chance at doing it again cause fixed income now... and it has been nothing but heartbreak.


i didnt have the time to look into this issue properly when i commissioned the build, was working too much, and by time i did get around to it the warranty had expired. that is to say, i am almost certain at this point the issue is hardware related. sadly at this point i dont have the money to replace the card, which seems to go hand in hand with having the time to actually enjoy it. love the irony.


please, someone make this make sense. it has been YEARS of frustration and disappointment at this point.

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