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Journeyman III

Hi there , i've just installed an amd rx 580 GC into my windows 8.1 machine but it doesn't recognise it

system snapshot.JPG

I've plugged my monitor into the card using a HDMI- VGA converter and it works. The fans are running on the card too, but my machine doesn't recognize it can anyone help

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Here is the latest RX580 Drivers for your GPU Card: Radeon™ RX 580 Drivers & Support | AMD 

Notice that there isn't any Windows 8/8.1 Drivers. That is because AMD doesn't support Windows 8/8.1 anymore thus no updated drivers for that version of Windows.

You will need to upgrade to Windows 10 to get drivers for your GPU card. It still is free.

What does Device Manager show under "Display"? Just your integrated GPU on your AMD APU Processor? 

If your GPU card is not recognized than how can you get an output from the card unless you have the cable connected to your motherboard Video outputs which is using your AMD APU integrated graphics.


Thanks for your reply Elstaci. I don't know how, but the card was working on my machine. My monitor was plugged in and I got a signal and was working on my computer. The display in device manager showed my apu not the gpu. I returned it anyway and I am looking for a card that is compatible with windows 8.1. So thanks


No modern AMD card has Windows 8.1 drivers, and only nVidia GTX series have Windows 8.1 support CURRENTLY, but that is subject to change at any time.