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Journeyman III

Help with running water line tubing

Hi all,


I am little confused on how to run the lines. I want to go from pump to both graphic cards and afterwards to a radiator and than to the cpu. What would be the sequence to do this?

Thank you








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Reread your Post and you are talking about a Parallel AIO setup rather than a Serial setup.

What is the Make & Model of your CPU, GPU, and AIO that you are going to use?

NOTE: Found this article showing the two types of setup to cool both the CPU & GPU - Serial and Parallel:

From the article above showing how to a Parallel AIO Setup looks like:

Screenshot 2021-10-07 192150.png

Found this  article which has much more details and diagrams on how to connect a AIO Parallel Setup for the CPU and GPU:

Plus it shows all the parts you will need and prices to setup a AIO Parallel setup.

NOTE: It seems to be for multi-GPU Cooling but it should give you some idea of the part you will need.


Google is your friend ,Not AMD forums.


WOW,look at that 1st link:


Good luck on the build